Carnbrae design & make highly bespoke furniture & decor. Handcrafted in England.


We have a design philosophy here at Carnbrae. This can be stated simply; As little design as possible. Less cluttered and more ergonomic, relying on form lines and proportions brought together with considered subtleties.

The smallest of details in every stage of development, longevity is at the forefront of the Carnbrae design philosophy.


Tradition and innovation are not conflicting ideas. Carnbrae believe in traditional upholstery craftsmanship combined with creative aesthetic flair. Producing pieces that truly stand the test of time, through a non compromising approach to pattern drafting, materials and construction.

Sharing our clients quest for perfection and luxury, we continually strive for nothing less. We believe that quality is the key to our success now and in the future, and we are prepared to make the sacrifices required to achieve it.


A continual understanding and respect for people shows in our work. Respect and understanding for each other, our clients, and those we work with along our supply chain. We expect of ourselves to be highly professional and possess compassionate values.

Engrained in our manufacturing culture, is an environment of uncompromising quality. To achieve this we are highly selective when expanding our small team, ensuring we recruit on integrity and innate passion as well as skill and experiance.


The unique strains placed upon upholstery in various uses, requires importance placed upon every material used. We choose materials in close consultation with our clients, selecting the most suitable materials for their wide ranging requirements.

Here at Carnbrae, we do not shy away from the impact of the textile industry. Our material suppliers are evaluated for green manufacturing practices and origins.


As most traditional enterprises readily acknowledge, mass manufacturing has limited customer options and neglected attentive service. Committed to servicing our clients with fine quality furniture upholstery and decor, goes hand in hand with exceptional service. One is simply not possible without the other.

Every upholstery project we complete and dispatch to our clients have an expected life span. Our work standing the test of time, combined with the customer relationships we build, is most prized.


Carnbrae pricing is of course dictated by three main factors: Chosen material, design and length of time to complete the commission.

As we make predominately for businesses from different sectors, as well as private individuals, we kindly ask potential clients to contact us directly for pricing queries.