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Based from our workrooms just outside Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria, we regularly undertake unique commissions lead by interior designers & architects. We enjoy exploring the infinite possibilities of working together and applying our unique skills and experience.

With our experience in the design and manufacture of upholstery in different sectors, coupled with our particular design philosophy, we are able to bring additional possibilities to projects lead by designers & architects.

Collaborating with design vision and interior requirements, a creative exchange between designer and maker can deliver a truly unique piece of design and craftsmanship.

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From our beginnings in bespoke tailoring in London, we are fortunately able enough to design and craft interiors of the highest quality.

Made in England, is a commitment not only to design, cut and sew our interiors in England, but also source all materials from within the United Kingdom where ever possible.

Nestled between the Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales, our workrooms near Kirkby Lonsdale border the counties of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire. Proudly designing and making all bespoke interiors solely in-house, ensuring all projects are treated with the same design and quality driven passion.

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We have a simple design philosophy; As little design as possible. Less cluttered and more ergonomic, relying on form lines and proportions brought together with considered subtleties.

Tradition and innovation are not conflicting ideas. We believe in traditional upholstery craftsmanship combined with creative aesthetic flair. Our core belief lies in producing interiors that truly stand the test of time, through a non compromising approach to pattern drafting, materials and construction. Working with our clients to improve their current design is where our bespoke drafting skills can help.

Interior Designers bespoke upholstery design CARNBRAE



Naturally, we are able to supply the finest leathers available. Sourced from simply the very best in the leather industry.

With a wide range of leathers from various suppliers, we are able to provide the most suitable leather hides for your needs.

The unique strains placed upon upholstery in various uses and environments requires importance placed upon every material used. We choose materials in close consultation with our clients, building in the most appropriate materials for construction layers and linings.

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Knowing the full possibilities and limitations of making upholstery, we see our role as a collaborator. Ensuring interior designers and architects achieves maximum satisfaction for their clients, is deeply in our interest.

By involving us at an early stage, we are able to recommend changes or inform of additional options to present to your clients. Liaising with your suppliers and collaborators if necessary, to ensure we complete upholstery commissions on time and avoid the possibility of error.

Generally, we make to pre-defined specifications if our input is not required. However, presenting interior designers and design firms with additional upholstery possibilities is part of our repertoire. Living and breathing upholstery every day allows for fruitful ideas generation when collaborating with talented interior designers and architects.